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STEM Kit: Sky High

STEM Kit: Sky High

STEM Kit: Sky High


Theme: Sky High


Package include:

(1) Whizz Pop Bang Magazine 

(2) DIY Kit

(3) Investigation Log Book

(4) Model Making



STEM x English Online class (Find out more!)


Online STEM class

Our professional online team with teachers from different countries. They are native English speaker with certified TESOL or TEFL to teach English abroad. We keep launching awesome online STEM class to help as many children as possible to enjoy the fantastic world of science. The Science texts and comprehensions resources of Whizz Pop Bang have been written by primary teachers in conjunction with science experts and they all link to the UK English reading curriculum.



We deliver an awesome STEM box to your door every month. The box packed with a theme-based Whizz Pop Bang magazine, all hand-on materials and tools that your kids need to explore, experiment, and discover the wonders of science. With a new interactive experience each month and join our online STEM x English classes, you can have your kids looking forward to learning like they never have before.


UK Science Magazine

Whizz Pop Bang is an award-winning, 36-page children’s magazine jam-packed with science fun! Each magazine is written by expert science writers and full of facts, puzzles, news and simple hands-on experiments that can easily be done at home or in school, giving parents, teachers and kids the tools to become scientists in their kitchens and classrooms!

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