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STEMily is the Official Foldscope Distributor/Reseller in Hong Kong.


Deluxe Individual Kit

Product code: DIK

The Deluxe Individual Kit (DIK) is designed to allow any curious explorer to perform microscopy experiments anywhere at any time.



20 classroom kit.jpg

Classroom Kit

Product code: ACK

For those looking to get the most for their dollar, we offer the Basic Classroom Kit which is designed to supply a group of 20 -100 explorers.



slide maker.jpg

Slide Maker Kit

Product code: SMK

This kit includes a slide box capable of holding 20 glass slides as well as cover slips, tweezers, a small pipette, and 3 specimen tubes.



Galleries of images and videos all taken through a Foldscope.

Click the Foldscope!


Foldscope Lesson Plans are detailed step-by-step guides to help people learn and explore with Foldscope!


Learn how to assemble your Foldscope! This tutorial will teach you how to put together your microscope and view your first sample.

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