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School Starter Set (Chapter 5-7 ) - Centrifuge included

School Starter Set (Chapter 5-7 ) - Centrifuge included

This kit pack enables teachers with no expertise or experience in life science research to test, learn, and practice hands-on STEM or STEAM biology to their classrooms!


With this Teacher Tester Kit Pack and Amino Labs biotechnology products in general, you do not need to have a dedicated lab space. The DNA Playground Large can be easily stored on a shelf or in a cabinet, freeing up the desk or bench space for other class activities.


With this starter pack, you will go through following experiments:

Chapter 5 - Extracting your engineered proteins

Chapter 6 - Processing Chemicals with Enzymes

Chapter 7 - Manually turning on genes in situ


After completing these hands-on activities, you will know how to extract products from cells, use genetic engineering to cause enzymatic reactions, and how to control and activate genes manually.


For more details, please visit Amino Labs (Canada)


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