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School Starter Set (Chapter 1-4 ) - DNAPlayground included

School Starter Set (Chapter 1-4 ) - DNAPlayground included

. This kit pack enables teachers with no expertise or experience in life science research to test, learn, and practice hands-on STEM or STEAM biology to their classrooms!


With this Teacher Tester Kit Pack and Amino Labs biotechnology products in general, you do not need to have a dedicated lab space. The DNA Playground Large can be easily stored on a shelf or in a cabinet, freeing up the desk or bench space for other class activities.


With this starter pack, you will go through following experiments:

Chapter 1 - Isolating DNA, the Blueprints of Life

Chapter 2 - Safety & setting up your Genetic Engineering Hero Space

Chapter 3 - Growing E. coli cells

Chapter 4 - Genetic Engineering your E. coli cells


From there, you can choose to continue your journey with Chapters 5, 6, and 7 to learn about advanced biotechnology concepts and skills like enzymes, genetic switches, DNA plasmid maps, and more!


For more details, please visit Amino Labs (Canada)



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