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Planetarium Projector

Planetarium Projector

  • Explore the universe: With this planetary toy suitable for 3-year-old boys and girls, make children be fascinated by the universe and its mysteries. It brings the universe, planets and space exploration to any flat. Experience the distance between different planets and the sun with yourself.


  • A FULL SOLAR SYSTEM KIT OF ACCESSORIES: A full set of accessories: including a full set of planets, shelves, brushes, color paints, luminous sun and small plug-ins. Insert the plug-in into the sun and turn on the switch , you can watch different planets by turning the plug-in, the planets and solar system will be displayed on the ceiling


  • An PERFECT SOLAR SYSTEM GIFT FOR KIDS: an educational gift for kids! This planetary toy can stimulate their interest and curiosity in space and let them know the names and locations of the major planets in the solar system.


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