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LED Magnifier Kit (20 sets)

LED Magnifier Kit (20 sets)

The LED Magnifier is a combination of a LED light and magnifying hand lens. Attach it to the back of a Foldscope for a high-quality light source, or use its magnifying lens to investigate and preview your sample. Illumination techniques such as darkfield and brightfield can easily be achieved with this tool. Order this kit to experiment with lighting techniques and capture high-quality images of your microscopic explorations!

This kit is a perfect companion to our Basic Classroom Kit. 

Please note this kit does not contain Foldscopes, this kit is comprised exclusively of accessories.

LED Magnifier Kit contents:

  • 20 LED light module with integrated magnifier for bright-field, dark-field and oblique phase imaging (battery included)
  • 40 magnetic couplers (for attaching LED Magnifier to Foldscope)
  • 40 AG-10 button cell alkaline batteries
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