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Foldscope Assembled Classroom Kit (10 sets)

Foldscope Assembled Classroom Kit (10 sets)

The Assembled Classroom Kit is designed to supply a group of 10 explorers with a pre-assembled Foldscope plus accessories for each person. Students receive these essentials: Assembled Foldscope, cell-phone coupler, LED light module, pipette, tweezers, circle and ring stickers, sample tube, 3-slide box, field guide card and a carrying pouch). Save time in your lessons by avoiding the assembly required with our original Teacher Kits. 

10 Fully Assembled Foldscopes with 10 Lenses (140X)
10 Cell Phone Couplers
10 LED/Magnifier Light Module
10 Pipettes
10 Tweezers
10 Circle Stickers
10 Ring Stickers
10 Sample Tubes
10 3-Slide Box (1 Pre-made Slide plus 2 Blank Glass Slides)
10 Field Guide Cards
10 Carrying Pouches

1 Lesson Booklet which includes:
- Microscopy Introduction
- Fiber Comparison
- Insect Classification
- Macroinvertebrate Survey


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